Easy Simple Flower Rangoli Designs With Images

Hey if you are going to simple flower Rangoli designs then here is the right place for you to get Easy Flower Rangoli designs that you can make at home.

We all know that flowers are so beautiful art and we can make rangoli from flowers which are incompatible from another type of Rangolis. This form of Rangoli is very popular in India.

You can make this rangoli on any occasion just with adding colours and fragrance to flowers.

On festivals all India make rangoli and flowers are simple and easy rangoli designs that you can make at home without any extra effort.

These are so easy rangoli that you can make them in everyday routine also. So in this article we will read about floral easy simple rangoli designs.

So there are some easy Rangoli designs which you can try them in this year.

Beautiful Easy Simple Rangoli Designs with Images-

So here is some best flower pattern easy rangoli designs that will inspire you to make them at home and also encourage you to make this festival season.

Rangoli art so much beautiful and they are made using various materials like flower petals, rice, flour etc.

In some parts of India, it is made using the rice mixed with water and that is known as Kollam. So it has it’s on a different way of Rangolis. 

Swastik Shape Flower Rangoli-

This simple rangoli design with flower looks complex but it is very simple if you make it with hand and you try this at home. These all have the same combination of the pattern. it has some sharp edges also this rangoli design you can consider on special occasions as well as in Rangoli Pooja either at home or Temple.

  • You can say that it gives a positive vibe and lower fragrance in the atmosphere.
  • This floor pregnancy is also beneficial for nature.

Flowers petal with circular border-

This rangoli design is different from others it has a triple set of flowers petals around its circular border. It is also decorated with lotus flowers to make it more beautiful and attractive.

In this bright colours have been used that are consisting of light yellow and orange. there are many more colours are also used in this Rangoli to give a natural effect.

  • These flowers are eco-friendly in nature so you can make them at home.
  • The circular shape of rangolis attracts positivity in the house.
  • Safe and design sources were to make rangoli and the best place for the welcome ceremony.

Symmetrical Rangoli Flower Design-

We all know that symmetrical patterns have so much attraction in their beautiful designs, they also include a simple flower design. To make this type of rangoli designs you have to work with perfection and make sure the colours vibrant and look attractive.

  • Days Rangoli jar suitable in marriages in which hall decoration purpose they put class in the centre circle.
  • The circular shape of these Rangoli symbolises the presence of God and we know that what is present everywhere.

Welcome Flower Rangoli Designs-

When we welcome our guest we want to give the best welcoming experience. so well can we make a beautiful rangoli design on the guest arriving at our home? 

Be sure that this is a simple flower rangoli design so that you do not have to put any extra effort to make rangoli with petals and flowers surrounding it.

  • Most people want to make rangoli in a circular format so it attracts positive vibes.
  • we make rangoli is to welcome guest and it does not harm our nature as well if we make it with flowers.
  • You can make it also at the temples and auspicious occasions also so that people love it.

Floral Rangoli Design in water pot-

This rangoli design is very unique and simple rangoli design where you can show creativity in floral Rangoli port which is filled with water.

Firstly fill the water in the port and after that bring some red roses mogra and other your favourite flowers.

Now now in the centre make something with flowers and circle the floor with different colours.

  • it looks something beautiful in the garden and courtyard so you can design your home.
  • Flower rangoli iin water gives a refreshing look.

Hallway Floral Rangoli Designs-

This is something unique and simple flower rangoli design wherein the coordinates guest can cross from one end to another and you can draw the semicircle for curved design at the ends.

You can design demo with the different white colours in the boundary as well as petals inside it.

  • We uses bright colours because they symbolises the happiness.
  • Bright and vibrant colours at the beauty to the ceremony and this is wedding ok then so you can give more attractive things to it.

Flower rangoli design in circular format-

in this type of Rangoli the petals are drawn such a way that entire Rangoli seems to be in circular motion. This way you can provide them more attractive colour and connect it with four corners of a square.

Yellow orange and red colour have been the primary colours in order to make rangoli look more bright and attractive this rangoli design can be made with more beautiful colour combination of all three yellow green and Red.

  • Squares also denotes spirituality and peacefulness
  • You can make this rangoli design everywhere on the occasion of Diwali.
  • Diyas on Diwali bring slight about prosperity and attract goddess Laxmi.

Floral Rangoli Design using Flour-

You can make freehand floral rangoli designs with flour also. To make it more attractive the colours are also used.

It is not any occasion specified like Holi Diwali or pongal you can make it anytime for decoration purpose.

  • Like all rangolis its nature address everyone and keep the mind calm.
  • Most of the time people make rangoli pattern for competitions and this could be best for competition.
  • you can make this rangoli design everywhere for decoration purpose.

Circular Flower Rangoli Design-

Most of the rangoli designs come in a circular shape and this is a wonderful thing for a true shape rangoli flower.

with the help of bottles and lotus flowers you can add more creativity to it to give it a new dimension.

This number only suitable for everyday courtyard decoration.

  • The flowers brings happiness and freshness air out surrounding.
  • Flowers also attract insects so that they can eat it.
  • Rangoli suitable for courtyard and you can make it everyday it to decorate your home.

Attractive Flower Rangoli Design-

if you are fond of with colours and you love to make rangoli with different type of colours than this desire is so beautiful and you can add your favourite colours in it. This types of design Justin it’s your creativity and after that they are ideal for your lovely flowers.

  • You can use flowers as fertilizers again.
  • Circular shape of flowers and Rangoli bring positivity.
  • These type of rangolis are best when you are organising corporate functions.

Tips when you make Floral Rangoli Design-

  • When you are going to make floral rangoli design and flowers are not available then you can also use colourful grains and place of flowers.
  • When you are making flower rangoli then don’t use fan otherwise your flowers will go up in the air.
  • Make white powder boundary around the white flower petals so that colour looks more vibrant and attractive.
  • Use flour petals so that you don’t consume so many flowers while floral rangoli design.
  • Fill the Rangoli colours in it so that it looks more clear and vibrant.


So these are some simple flower Rangoli designs which you can also categorise them with latest rangoli designs with images.

These images will help you a lot when you are going to create some rangolis for your home on a festival or occasion.

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