rangoli designs with dots

We all know that Rangoli is famous all over the world and everyone knows about its culture and tradition but they in India the thing in different it is not just only the part of the art it is also about ancient culture.

So today we will talk about rangoli designs with dots it is a part of rangoli design that it is an art that is pretty and it is practice by great artist two women’s it also symbolises prosperity and wealth in homes.

In India it is a culture to make rangoli in houses on almost all locations within it is a festival or wedding for any special guest.

These simple Rangoli with dots can we adjust at any corner of the home. And it is not necessary to be an expert to make rangoli you can also continue with ignoring who is in the startup stage of rangoli design they just can make it with simple 5 dots rangoli.

This 5 dots Rangoli designs are also known as with a new name that is Rangoli designs with dot.

Rangoli only with dots you can also make a daily in your house. Most people use 5 dots to make this dot rangoli and it is most famous for Tamil peoples to celebrate their festivals like Dussehra navratra and Diwali too.

If anyone is a ginner and don’t know how to make a Rangoli then he can also make rangoli very easily just by using a notebook to design 5 dots and after that, it’s your creativity and make a creative rangoli design.

If you earthing to become expert in rangoli our in Kollam then you must start with five dots Rangoli because of it really simple to make and it will not have to you so much effort for it.

Simple Rangoli Design with 5 Dots –

Now we will talk about a simple rangoli design with dots and after reading this you will able to draw simple Rangoli is this festive season at your home.

We will also provide you over you for these things that how they are mad and what things you have to use.

1. Flower Kolam With 5 Dots –

If you are searching for Diwali decoration kolam then, in my opinion, this 5 dots Rangoli is best for this Diwali festival. Because it will be easy to mad and you can make it with the help of chalk or rice powder paste.

How to make Flower Kolam design rangoli with 5 dots –

How to make this simple rangoli design with the dots you just have to make a centre floor first and after that go around the sides.

You have to make 6 flower leave is on his side how to make rangoli design complete. Now the next thing that you have to do is drop parallel cares type of thick lines around it with the help of dark white powder to look it attractive.

With the help of your fingers give them proper shape two lines and curves.

After that, you will realise that we will get the hurt type of shape of flowers. So this is a simple rangoli design which can be made from free hand style and you also not require any training to make this design of Rangoli with dots.

If you put two colours on it then it will look more vibrant and colourful that will also and hence the look of it.

2. Star Rangoli Design –

Now that which we are going to talk next is star rangoli design which is a perfect kolam 5 dots rangoli design?

How to make star rangoli design-

To make this rangoli design, you just should know about how to make star after that you have to create a star.

It is not so complicated it is just based on the simple technique used have to join two dots by line and extend it in both sides of the hand of a star.

If you will do something then after all the dots the final design of Rangoli will take shape of a star.

This is very popular and is mostly drawn in a room. You can draw it in the courtyard entrance door in a room.

As usual to make it more simple and drawn with colours. You can also take help of white chalk Rangoli powder.

3. Symmetrical line Rangoli –

This flower kolam rangoli can be also made at home without any experience you just have to use your free hand power. After reading more about it you will find it is more easy rangoli design to be made at home.

How to make Symmetrical Line Rangoli –

Like all other animal is this Rangoli can also be made simple by drawing square at the centre you join for dots from the 5 dots and just leave in Central dot without joining out joining. 

After that, if you want to make a bigger square air then from the small lines of the corner of the smallest square you can also make it a square.

At last 4 squares can be drawn on the sides of a square. after seeing the processor I think you have to understand that this is the easiest I am only where the whole design is based on squares.

4. Ugadi special Rangoli –

This is the standard Rangoli which is home by 5 into 5 dots you can be made it using scales also to make a perfect finish.

If you are not able to make it perfectly then don’t worry with the regular practice you will be perfect and also able to make the complex design.

It really matters that the procedure you follow to arrange the dots in Bengali because the form and their design of the rangoli show blue whale tell you how you can make it easier.

How to make Ugadi Special Rangoli –

To start this royal firstly you have to play store into 5 fashion and after that just start connecting the dots with the lines such that it is shown in the figure with each other.

The lines get extended towards the end and then they band slightly to keep Rangoli closed.

Not all the boxes but some also contain dots inside them. This Rangoli is made with simple white rangoli powder or you can also make it colourful with a suitable colour.

So now it is Ugadi special rangoli and you can make it at your home on occasions or on a regular basis.

5. Simple 5 dots Rangoli –

This time this fibre dot Rangoli is very attractive and alternative for beginners in the art of Rangoli.

To make this Rangoli you just have to start from its corner and then after joining the photos in the form of quadrants make it more beautiful and you have made with the petals of a flower.

How to make 5 dots Rangoli

After making flowers in the corner you can do the same thing in all sides of Rangoli and after that join the flower and drool inside lines in the flower.

this is so simple to make so that you can make this rangoli on any occasions or to make expertise in this you can also make it at home on a regular basis.

To look more attractive you can use any type of colour shooting your requirement after the revolution and outline the rangoli with white or black Rangoli powder to finish it.

This finishing touch will give your only more beautiful and attractive look.

6. Simple Alpona Design Rangoli –

This is one of the simplest rangoli in the category of 5 dots rangoli designs because you can design it is dangerous to free and study techniques.

If you are the pigeon and then follows the steps that given below

How to make Simple Alpona Design Rangoli-

In beginning just drop four dots under the square shape. Now this dots can we used to make any design at the centre. 

After that draw circle around this for dots is that it can be drawn. These patterns can be filled with colours like oranges yellow red and after that, you would draw an outline with the white powder.

If you are searching for best rangoli design then it could help you.

7. Circular Rangoli –

This is also a part of five dots rangoli e design it is a column design cakewalk rangoli. You can also make it with 5 dots with the procedure following given below

How to make circular Rangoli-

You can edit it is simply just by putting 5 dots in fashion and after that put one in centre and app for on other sides.

Now you can be drawn using vi oats on the centre such that it makes a circle like a shape around the centre circle.

You can make a circle on the side of the corner. Now you to draw curved lines on his and also add some extra release to complete the rangoli.

Now with the help of these current line drawn on ageless add some extra release also to complete this rangoli.

Now it’s time to fill colour so you can fill according to your choices just outline the border with white or black chalk powder.

8. Symmetrical Mugullu Rangoli –

So now this 5 chukkala muggulu rangoli is open mat in lot many parts of the country but you are from South India then you are so much family because it is so much famous in that part of India.

How to make Symmetrical Mugullu Rangoli-

This their quadrant lots of semicircles are there extended and drawn like Petal-like flower or nature quadrant.

After that in the remaining space, you draw the petals of the flower. To make this simple rangoli design use so and Rangoli powder.

You can make it with the help of colourful colours or with black and white it depends on your preferences. This rangoli design can be modified also according to the requirement.

You can make it on any grand occasion festival or in your home on a regular basis. House room entrance or Courtyard will be the best place to make this rangoli.

9. Diya Rangoli

This is a very simple rangoli design with 5 dots and it is practised by many household women. It is made with the whole large petals in a spiral fashion and then making the diyas.

This type of Rangoli is best for occasions Diwali or any festival. It is not so much time consuming also so you can make it at home without any maths practice.

How to make Diya Rangoli-

When you make this rangoli design just will it with vibrant colours like a green yellow and orange in diyas. 

This will help Rangoli to look beautiful. You can make it in Courtyard house entrance for the porch.

You can change the colour scheme according to your preferences and also experiment with the new colours in this rangoli.

You can change minor with the the occasions like Diwali regular basis or and any festival.


When we talk about the ancient form of art in India then the first names come in the field of Rangoli kolam muggulu and another form of 5 dots rangoli.

Style or you can make them with freehand style or using stencils. These can be drawn on all the festival occasions and also so you can make on a regular basis in your home or room.

If you are beginner then it will be hard to use of Rangoli but with time it will figure out hardness and you will also be expected in this rangoli making.

So these are simple easy rangoli designs which we covered in our article you can apply these at home how to make your house look beautiful and bring prosperity in your house this season.


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