Latest Rangoli Designs Images

Everyone loves rangoli and make on occasions. That time I remember it is a part of our tradition constantly. So today we will discuss some new things about the latest rangoli designs images.

Today it is not just only the part of traditional birthday we take it also and form of art.

When you more in India in any part of country then you will surely find a floor with latest rangoli designs. People generally Make rangoli design on the start of a new project or religious ceremonies festivals occasions.

Best Easy Latest Rangoli Designs Images

There are many types of Rangoli and we have discussed that you can check it out also.

 Flower, Freehand, Wooden, Gloss, Dotted, Chowk and Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs

If you want to make the best rangoli designs then you have to do some practice also how to make your hand steady and do these things with patience then you can be perfect Rangoli maker.

We all know the fact that these Rangoli is make places more vibrant colourful and auspicious with their zillion designs.

Just the thing you have to do is choose a perfect one that is appropriate for that place.

Latest Rangoli Designs Images

These latest rangoli designs are so convenient to make because we can make them simply at home comfortably and we also do not need any assembled or attractive things.

You can make simple rangoli designs at home very comfortable if you are just confused about simple what are simple rangoli designs then you can check it out Simple Rangoli kolam designs

Rangoli also adds and importance on occasion or any festival because sad that Rangoli welcomes the God. The  patterns the latest rangoli designs have unique rangoli designs using colours salt petals flowers etc.

Best latest Rangoli Designs Images-

So today we will talk about the best latest rangoli designs images that you can make at home very easily that old designs will be very simple rangoli designs so it will not need your more efforts to make them at home.

These latest rangoli designs images will help you to make the best rangoli and you can practice them at home also welcome any guest or any occasion or festival.

Best Easy Latest Rangoli

So now we will talk about some best latest rangoli designs with images. So that you can and also make them at home to make your home look modern stylish as well as traditional culture also.

Welcome Rangoli Designs-

These welcome rangoli designs are great way to welcoming your guest in a creative way. It is also noted very much difficult to make them at home.

Best Easy Latest Rangoli

You just have to follow a simple procedure to make it just draw circular chain and write letters on it.

Best Easy Latest Rangoli Designs

To make it more beautiful and interesting you can also write some cute little messages in your rangoli designs images according to the occasion or guest.

 Latest Rangoli Designs Images

Latest Beautiful color rangoli designs-

Easy Latest Rangoli Designs Images

Now you can also design the latest colourful flower for simple geometrical shapes. If you add borders to the flower also then you can beautify your Flora art.

 Latest Rangoli Designs Images

Add some colour like vibrant royal blue or pink ok it will give a great look to your Rangoli this type of colour combination will enhance the beauty of your latest rangoli design.

Peacock rangoli designs-

Best Easy Latest Rangoli Images

This type of rangoli designs we can take them as traditional culture design as well as new beautiful rangoli designs also. They are so popular and very colourful and stylish.

Best Easy Latest Rangoli Designs Images

You can and show your creativity skills by adding some more styles and peacock designs with vibrant colours.

Simple free hand designs-

Best Easy Latest Rangoli Designs Images

This friend and simple rangoli design you can make with a very short time and it is a great idea for people who are beginners. 

Best Easy Latest Rangoli Designs

Instead of going to make use and hard rangoli designs you can also go with short rangoli designs on your plot to make it attractive and with giving traditional latest rangoli design.

Rangoli Design of Lord Shiva- 

Now I am going to talk about the latest rangoli design is also unique of Lord Shiva. When you think about to make a rangoli design of any God you need to pick place very cautiously. 

You can choose places like Kona area or mostly people prefer to make it in pooja room.

3D rangoli Designs-

Modern generation is all based on 3D so if you same thing apply in rangoli design then it could be a latest rangoli design. You can go with two sets of pink colour with dark side and lighter side also.

These different shades provide you the effect of 3D.

This is the most popular part in modern rangoli because of its different colour hues.

 Kalash Rangoli designs-

It plays an important role in Hindu religion so this is them mostly used and great idea design for religious ceremonies. 

The cholas is so much colourful and attractive object. To make this traditional kalash rangoli design more attractive you can mix it up with latest rangoli designs. This way the whole concept become so amazing and you can follow all these in in latest rangoli designs images.

best rangoli design

Easy Rangoli designs- 

To get a great visual you can draw it very quickly with a very short time. This design shows you the face of geometry that is simple or complex maybe.

best rangoli design

If you say this design then you will seem like it is a complex structure but if you get some hint about it then it will feel quite simple.

best rangoli design

Lord Ganesha-

best rangoli design

The Lord Ganesha is remembered before we start any new work so you can also design this latest rangoli which is good for beginners.

best rangoli design

This is the way you can remember God in most creative and unique. this unique rangoli designs will make your home your beautiful place.

Traditional Kolam Design-

rangoli design images new

You can work with great some traditional and modern rangoli designs. These are so much beautiful sunflower design paired. 

rangoli design images new

This traditional rangoli design seems to be so much creative and unique because it’s a green and yellow colour combination.

Floral Rangoli Design-

This is also apart of latest rangoli design in which these floral rangoli designs are made with the help of a simple flower that you can use to create beautiful designs.

To make this style we just need some basic colours after that you can see your creativity and make this thing in your home.

If you are beginner also then you can easily make these easy simple rangoli designs.

Perfect Chakras Rangoli-

There are very few good traditional rangoli designs that are drawn on a special occasion (they can be marriages festivals occasions or on prayers). 

rangoli design images new

This type of designs we make in pooja halls also. According to Hindu religion they consider fish as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. 

rangoli design images new

It symbolises them protection freedom death of knowledge eternity fertility. In this Rangoli to fishes are drawn beautifully and appealing for kolam design.

Lotus design Rangoli-

rangoli design images new

The lotus rangoli designs are mad using the fine white powder of rice. when we make lotus Rangoli then many times we use red coloured powder also to make it colour vibrant and give beautiful contrast.

rangoli design images new

Beautiful symmetry is created in the lotus symbol that is believed that it brings wealth success and wellbeing to the home and its family member.

Floor Art Rangoli-

rangoli design images new

About this Rangoli also we will discuss because it is also a latest rangoli design with images. Flora art rangoli is a visual treat for every friend or relative comes to your home.

rangoli design images new

The lamps symbolises removing darkness from every corner and feeling light to your home.

These all things give positivity sign and are good for home.

Loop and Lines-

rangoli design images new

These are the most traditional and fashionable kolam designs. These are all mad with lions in a unique minor to make the pattern beautiful.

rangoli design images new

These type of kolam designs are known for their sensibility.

Dear beautiful look engage the visitor’s brain and I do their look.

Easy Latest Rangoli Designs Images-


So these are some easy and simple Rangoli designs which you can also categorise them with latest rangoli designs with images.

These images will help you a lot when you are going to create some rangolis for your home on a festival or occasion.

If you want more creative ideas about Rangoli kolam and some other then you can check it some below links given.


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