easy Rangoli Designs

Today we are going to discuss rangoli designs and what different types of rangoli designs are made by peoples in India.

After knowing the details about rangoli designs you can also make rangoli at home very easily we will tell you about easy rangoli designs that do not need any extra efforts you can only make with your study hand. 

Just to read out this article Thor all you will clear your all doubts about rangoli.

Rangoli is an art form, originating in the Indian subcontinent, in which patterns are created on the floor or the ground using materials such as coloured rice, dry flour, coloured sand or flower petals.  (Source- Wiki)

Types of Rangoli making –

Mainly Rangoli is of these types based on the shape and another one is based on the images so below we will discuss all these about in detail so that we can make simple rangoli at home.

best simple rangoli

Form –

Rangoli can be made on the best of its form like circles cons and in the form of the dominant type of Rangoli is in India these all come in the easy rangoli design for Diwali.

To make it more interesting we should love to make more and easier rangoli is at home so that we have a good experience and can make simple rangoli on Diwali.

Rangoli designs images

Ornamental – 

It is something which is different from another type of triangle is it consists of images of birds trees petals animals flowers etc.

Usually, they have some Swastik moon or sun in the centre along with the two parallel lines and also there are two more curved lines are also drawn and illusion is created in the middle of the couple. 

Rangoli designs images

They have a lot of type of Rangoli like eight petals of the lotus are drawn which are representing Sun or Lord Vishnu and a direction of the universe.

The Lotus symbolises good days Lakshmi and progression in India. Now we will discuss some more type of Rangoli is which you can make at home and decorate your house on Diwali or as well as any simple occasion. So here is some more easy simple.

Best Rangoli designs-

Flower petal Rangoli Designs – 

So this is somehow a modern form of Rangoli which is consist of beautiful petals of flowers and it is decorated at the front door of the house floor pattern.

Rangoli is very I am placing and beautiful rangoli with also have some fragrance of flowers like roses marigold Lotus and more pregnancy flowers.

It is mainly famous in the festival of Onam in Kerala it is also one of the major reason for the attraction in a festival known as Onam pookalam.

Free hand Rangoli Designs –

Now about which Rangoli I am going to talk about is the most famous and easy design of Rangoli which you can make very easily.

We have also sent this type of rangoli at home occasionally made by different colours of sand or anything else.

It does not affect environment so it is also known as the green form of Rangoli.

Dotted Rangoli Designs –

Have you ever tried to make rangoli if not then you should try for this because it is a very simple design rangoli.

It is easy to make this dotted Rangoli means the design is making a dot-like structure with equal lines and equal numbers and shapes can be different like circular rectangular or square star or eclipse.

After that, it is filled with beautiful colours and traditional design if you are from South India. Then definitely you know about it it is so popular in South India.

Chowk Rangoli Design

It is the oldest form of Rangoli in India the different thing about this is it is made by the old woman on the occasion of welcoming guest and poses like a Satyanarayan Katha gangor chhath puja or in marriages also it is used in every Holi e occasion or place.

It is made by the floor of wait turmeric where Milan and making are made by chalk which is considered very auspicious and it is also said that it pleases God and goddess.

Alpana Design –

This is something different from others like it is made by a grand paste of rice. like all others Rangoli speciality this also have something special and that is it is made with the help of only three fingers mostly design by Bengali people and it is famous in Bengal. people make in on occasion of Durga Puja and Diwali to welcome goddess Lakshmi.

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs

This Rangoli is easy to make and it does not so much of design. It is is also known as Sanskar rangoli due to its design and pattern because they contains many circles and we know that two circles represent Sanskar of our life so so you can make it very easily.

Wooden Rangoli Designs

It is something that which fixed set of things like flowers birds leaves or other designs this pattern of Rangoli does not have so much complication it can be arranged at the wall or floor.

Glass Rangoli Designs

Now the next is the class Rangoli it is not so much popular but during the busy schedule when you don’t have time to make rangoli then you can use this readymade painted glasses in different shapes and make a quick easy and beautiful rangoli.


So after a long article of simple rangoli designs and types of Rangoli, we are here. We tell you that you can also make this Rangoli is at home and decorate your house on this Diwali.

Diwali is a very large festival and celebrated across all India so you should decorate your house as much as possible and make rangoli at home.

How to make rangoli at home just go with easy rangoli designs so you don’t have to work hard and your decoration becomes a masterpiece.


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