101+ Best rangoli designs for Diwali

As this Diwali, we do not want to dissatisfy you for Diwali decoration and Diwali gift ideas so too today we are going to cover the topic on best rangoli designs for Diwali. These designs will definitely help you in your Diwali decoration for this Diwali on 27 October.

If you are going to design rangoli on this Diwali then you are following the traditional way of celebrating Diwali. But we can make it more interesting by gradients.

It is believed that Rangoli is not in you think it is started many years ago. You can also take references for best rangoli designs from available in our scriptures. 

Simple Rangoli Design for Diwali

Everything changes with time and the same thing happened with the art of Rangoli that has changed and re-changed over many years and centuries.

Rangoli is recognised by various Name in India in Tamilnadu it is known as a kolam in Andhra it is known as mogulu and in Karnataka, in Rajasthan it is known as mandana so on.

But today we are going to discuss some easy rangoli designs for beginners they can practice eyes these easy rangoli designs from their comfort zone like at home and after that, they can impress their in-laws and their neighbours.

Usually, when you enter any Hindu house you will be welcome to a rangoli design which is normally drawn with help of chalk powder or limestone powder on the floor.

Traditionally when these all things are not commonly available than rice flour was used to create rangoli design.

The rangoli designs which are easy are used in almost all kinds of Hindu religion occasions like festivals weddings and many more.

If you are getting no idea that how can you create best Rangoli design for Diwali then today we also discuss that so you can make easy rangoli designs at your home.

Conclusion –

So after a long article of simple rangoli designs and types of Rangoli, we are here you tell you that you can also make this Rangoli is at home and decorate your house on this Diwali.

Because Diwali is a very large festival and celebrated across all India so you should decorate your house as much as possible and make rangoli at home.

how to make rangoli at home just go with easy rangoli designs so you don’t have to work hard and your decoration becomes a masterpiece.

Now after reading a long article on the best rangoli designs for Diwali you have many ideas to make simple and easy rangoli.


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